Report – Skoda dropping the Citigo in favor of crossovers image

In the world of pint-sized city cars, the Volkswagen up! and SEAT Mii, alongside with the Skoda Citigo are the perfect European match for the Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo trio.

But it seems the Czech manufacturer Skoda is going to screw up the natural order of things when it should be time to bring a new generation to the market. The Citigo was facelifted just like the group brothers and because that happened recently it’s set to live out a quiet life before retiring some years from now with no successor planned. According to a report, the Mladá Boleslav brand is giving up on the lowest segment because the A market has been shrinking and they will wisely invest in the crossover segment that’s more popular than pizza.

Apparently, that’s the word coming from Skoda’s international sales general manager, Peter Solc, who explained the company is now focusing on SUVs – like the recently introduced Kodiaq and Karoq. He also hinted towards the expansion of the range – but that’s hardly a surprise considering the Volkswagen and Seat brands are also going to present their own subcompact offerings (T-Roc, Arona) in the near future. More so, the Vision E concept envisioned a more upscale flagship crossover to crown the range soon.

Via Motoring