The rumor mill has been chocking with the idea that Czech automaker Skoda would dare enter the United States market in the near future, but the company looks more enticed by the prospects of reaching the South Korean and Iranian venues.

It appears the latest report on the matter is putting Skoda more interested in a practical approach – the new Kodiaq seven-seater family SUV would be enticing for US motorists, but Skoda’s top manager Bernhard Maier has stated the brand will reach the South Korean and Iranian markets in 2017. Only afterwards the top brass will reach a final conclusion on whether or not to return to the US market after a hiatus lasting more than half a century. “We’re evaluating the U.S. market, but we are in no rush,” commented Maier during a recent interview on the sidelines of the Paris motor show.

He was keen to confirm that Skoda was looking for potential partners in Iran, which is now opening again to the global automakers – and is considered as one of the last “virgin” (but major) markets. The rumors about the US return were sparked months ago when it was discovered Skoda had registered the Yeti, Octavia, and the Superb nameplates with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In related news, Skoda is also officially looking to introduce its first electrified model in 2019, as revealed by Maier during his Paris press conference.

Via Automotive News


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