Report – Skoda Superb plug-in hybrid to be the first in eco wave starting 2019 image

The Czech automaker is also going green, and according to the latest report on the subject its first plug in hybrid model will arrive as a derivative of the flagship Superb in 2019.

From there the VW subsidiary will take part on the group’s green “attack”, because other plug in hybrid models will swiftly follow – including in the Kodiaq range – and a first fully electric model is also expected in 2020. According to brand chief Bernhard Maier, the eco Superb will be treated to the internals of the VW Passat GTE – and more Skoda models using the same powertrain would follow swiftly, including the seven seat Kodiaq sport utility vehicle. “We will start with the Superb as it has the strongest following in China, which is where we anticipate the greatest demand coming from,” said Maier. “As a brand, Skoda does not need to be first to market – it needs to offer technology people want at a price they can afford. That is why 2019 is our target.”

Meanwhile, the electric car on batteries will be part of the group’s overall electrified planning that was previewed through the Volkswagen ID concept showcased during the recently concluded Paris Motor Show. Most likely the newly developed and highly customizable MEB architecture will be the basis of the Skoda model as well – and Maier also pointed out the Skoda model will carry its own bespoke design signature. “The advantages of lots of space in a smaller footprint play to Skoda’s strengths for offering good value,” he added.

Via Autocar