The Skoda Octavia RS is very successful so we don’t imagine it will get retired any time soon, but for now there are unknowns linked to the hotter Kodiaq and Superb versions.

The company is most likely not going to touch its Octavia RS – as the marketing and business case is strong with this one – but we already know the Fabia RS is not happening anymore. This is why we’re not surprised a new report is claiming the Czech manufacturer is reviewing its hot car strategy – with CEO Bernhard Maier looking to bring the sporty sub-brand to increased profits. The perspective is simple: we are now looking at Skoda to be more interested in securing a future for the Monte Carlo, Laurent & Klement, and Sportsline styling packs, rather than the time-consuming and resources-spending full performance versions.

“Theoretically, there are no barriers to any kinds of derivatives, but it is a question of demand,” Maier commented. “We have had a wonderful experience with trim upgrades, so I expect to do them again.” When asked about the vRS upgrade for the new seven-seat Kodiaq SUV, the executive had an ambiguous answer: “I can say now that it will have many emotional directions and we will leverage it in every way possible so as to leave as few people as possible out.” The SUV is reaching the market in 2017 so we’re going to have to wait a little longer to see how the model develops.

Via Autocar


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