Report – SsangYong Tivoli SUV convertible still a possibility image

Automakers are still looking to create new niches and it appears that SsangYong is currently mulling the idea of a convertible version of the Tivoli SUV.

We got the Murano Convertible a few years ago and that was a flop. Now we’re being treated to a Range Rover Evoque Cabrio and that might have a measure of success – though being a premium product it will remain out of reach for a good part of the world’s auto buyers. That could change according to a report from the UK the tips SsangYong to be carefully considering whether to build a convertible version of the Tivoli SUV. If you can go with the quirky design (which could actually bode well with a “chopped”, roofless version) then it should be way more accessible than the Evoque.

The South Koreans recently introduced in the Tivoli lineup during the Geneva Motor Show the larger XLV with a bigger trunk and still carrying five passengers. And now it appears the company is already mulling yet another version and the third member of the family could be an open top version. Apparently no final decision has been taken yet but the work is currently underway with fullsize clay models already being produced. If it all goes according to plan, the model would most likely feature an electrically retractable fabric roof and lack the pair of rear doors – while the trunk would be way smaller as the fabric roof will eat away into the available space.