Report – Supercars in trouble in China image

High-horsepowered exotics might face huge delays reaching their intended customers in China, because the country recently changed its emissions standards and manufacturers now need to retest them for certification.

China is the world’s largest auto market, but it’s also a country with huge pollution issues, so authorities are looking to address things and turn consumer attention towards a more sustainable society. Even if that happens to kill off supercar deliveries – so far a report states the new emission laws for low-volume vehicles are bringing only delays. The changed emission standards refer to any model sold in limited numbers and driven for very few kilometers, but of course everyone is mostly interested in what happens with the mega-horsepower exotics.

Chinese officials have decided to stop exempting low-volume vehicles from some emissions standards – anything going for less than 5,000 kilometers per year was treated as low-volume. The new Clean Air Act states the cars are now subject to the same procedures as any other car, so the change makes some supercar manufacturers go through a new testing procedure before they can be delivered. According to British media, the McLaren 720S has been delayed for about two months, but seemingly no brand seems concerned about not being able to pass the emissions tests.

Via AutocarBusiness Insider