Ever since he was the governor of the greenest state in America, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been an ardent supporter of climate change measures – and remember this is the man that in popular culture is responsible for turning Hummer into a car brand.

Yes, we’re talking about the same man – the one and only “Terminator” – that is according to legend at least partially responsible for turning the gas-guzzling monster into a street reality from its military background. Don’t worry, his demeanor hasn’t succumbed to smallish electric Smart ForTwo usage – he’s still into hulking off-road vehicles. And according to the latest report, he’s also very much in touch with his European heritage. That’s because his latest ride is Mercedes-Benz G Class, and as you know Schwarzy is an Austrian – and the iconic G-Wagen is made by Magna Steyr in… Austria.

Report – Terminator ending love for internal combustion - Arnold goes green 1

But this is no ordinary G Class, because it has been aligned with the former governor’s new environmentally conscious lifestyle. This is a bespoke G Class converted by Kreisel Electric – small battery startup launched by three brothers in Austria, rumored to use their in construction 800-MWh battery factory for automakers looking to implement their high energy density battery pack technology. The off-roader got a massive 80 kWh pack with an estimated range of 190 miles – the electric motor churns out 360 kW (490 PS) and will propel the heavyweight to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.6 seconds – which is no less than three seconds quicker than the original donor vehicle. It can also go up to 133 mph (183 km/h) and can even recharge at 150 kW – which is more than even Tesla’s Supercharger tech.

Via Electrek


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