Report – Terrorists mined metal used in BMW, Ferrari, VW cars image

According to an investigation made by Bloomberg Markets magazine, incredibly, tungsten ore mined by a terrorist group in Colombia ends up in cars built by BMW, Ferrari and Volkswagen.

Looks like there is no end to the terrorist saga, despite the American “War on Terror” that depletes the US Treasury vaults each year, as the malicious groups find ways to subsidize their operations. And it looks like even the auto industry is helping them – well, in a way, sort of.

According to the investigation made by the Bloomberg magazine, the ore, also known as wolframite, is illegally mined in the Amazon jungle by the FARC rebel group, which is classified as a terrorist organization by the United States and European Union. After that, the ore is processed in the anti-terrorist mastermind country of US, specifically in Pennsylvania; it is then shipped to Austria, where it is used to produce tungsten that goes into engine crankshaft parts.

Contacted by Bloomberg, BMW and Volkswagen told them they avoid purchasing anything from tainted suppliers, while Ferrari had no comment on the matter. Also, it is important to note that this channel doesn’t supposedly supply only car manufacturers, but a larger set of businesses worldwide.