Report – Tesla cars could find the service on their own image

There are brands or service providers that allow us to eschew the hassle of bringing the car in for service – but how about a car that will autonomously drive itself there?

During an interview with Tesla’s main executive in Germany – Jochen Rudat – a hint was placed for us to find. He was asked about Tesla’s ability to handle servicing – considering the expected arrival of the Model 3 will bring a much larger customer base than before. “Our [service] infrastructure is growing with the needs of our customers. We will double the Tesla sales and service centers to 26 [in Germany] by the end of this year. We will also more than double the number of our employees. In addition, our vehicles need much less service than the competition. Software updates replace the workshop visits in many cases,” he said. “And think about what will be possible when Tesla models will soon be completely autonomous. They will deliver themselves to service centers.”

That last bit is a great idea – having your car drive itself to the service center and then return home once everything is done. Of course, the comment was then discarded as a mere joke – but since Tesla is so well entrenched into developing self-driving systems we believe them to seriously consider such a possibility to make life easier for their customers.

Via Manager Magazin