Report – Tesla details Model 3 in Model S comparison image

Fans of the Tesla mantra around the world, unite – here are the latest specs confirmed by Tesla and scooped by fans of the brand – detailing the all-important Model 3.

New information, videos and pictures are coming in fast about the Model 3, as the Tesla car heralded as a game changer is fast approaching the moment of official reveal and production start. A source provided a Tesla Model 3 owners club – a fan club, since there are no real owners yet – with an overview of some of the electric vehicle’s specifications, via what appears to be a retail comparison chart. The chart is actually trying to make a disservice to the new Model 3 – as it will apparently be used by Tesla salespeople when trying to convince people to forego the wait for the mass-market accessible Model 3 sedan and go for the more expensive Model S, that is readily available.

First up, we now know an important dimensional detail – the length comes in at 184.8 inches compared to 196 inches for the Model S. The chart clearly emphasizes the positive aspects of the Model S over the Model 3 – but it’s pretty obvious they left out one important detail, the price. Potential deal breakers for the Model 3 are very few – perhaps the 14 cubic feet of cargo compared to 30 cu ft in total front and rear volume for the Model S. Meanwhile, the 215 mile plus range is again confirmed, and an interesting detail we get is the zero to 60 mph performance – the Model 3 needs just 5.6 seconds.

Via Tesla Model 3 Owners Club