Report – Tesla Model 3 is best EV in terms of dollar-per-mile ratio image

Since Tesla has announced the complete specifications and technical details for the current Tesla Model 3 versions – the standard and long range – everyone has been scouting them to see how they fare compared to the competition.

For example, EV fans have an interesting measure of comparison for the electric cars – how much it costs each electric mile of range. The Chevrolet Bolt was the best proposition at $157.54 dollars-per-mile of electric range, way ahead of its closest follower, the Hyundai IONIQ Electric at $237.90. Now with the introduction of the Tesla Model 3, the California-based automaker can no longer be considered a premium one, as it has effectively entered mainstream. According to US media, the Model 3 tops the chart for cheapest range ration.

We’re dealing with the long-range version rated – via EPA estimate – at 310 miles, and costing $44,000 MSRP. Mind you, this is before any incentive has been applied, so the actual cost of $141.94 might be substantially lower depending on each purchase. The standard 220-mile Model 3 is just behind the Bolt, and the top three is not expected to change at least until Nissan presents its new generation Leaf in September. There are still small details that haven’t been released by Tesla – such as the battery pack size for both standard and long-range versions.

Via Bloomberg