The Tesla Model S is once again the longest range electric vehicle on the market – capable now of 335 miles (539 kilometers) when the buyer opts for the non-performance 100 kWh battery pack.

Apparently the company now includes on its website a new 100D version having the 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack, packing more range than ever. This is because it comes with an 11 to 14 percent improvement over the outgoing 90D. The Model X also gets the same 100D version, with a range upgrade of almost 30 miles (48 kilometers) over the outgoing 90D, for a grand total of 295 miles (474 kilometers). Kicking off at $95,800, the Model S 100D is $39,500 below the performance P100D, which starts at $137,800. The Model X 100D, going from $98,500, is now $37,000 cheaper than the P100D, which starts at $135,500.

This means owners will get up to 41 miles of extra range for as little as $3,000 over the 90D which sounds like a great deal. Tesla is reportedly looking to limit battery sizes at 100 kilowatts, so the company is now researching other ways of improving the performance and range – for example the Nevada Gigafactory 1 has now started producing the new Tesla-Panasonic 2170 cells. Tesla is also expected to kick off production of the new Model 3 later this year, which should come with a range of 215 miles (346 kilometers) and a price point of about $35,000.

Via Teslarati


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