Report – Tesla Semi to come with 200 to 300 miles range image

We’re just a few weeks from the announced reveal of the Tesla semi-truck, a big rig that retains the particularities of the company – electric powertrain and autonomous driving technology.

Tesla isn’t coming down to the Frankfurt Motor Show taking place next month in Germany, and for good reason – they’re in over their heads with the preparations for their – literal – big reveal. The Tesla Semi is expected to bow in front of the worldwide audience in prototype form at first, in a bid to preview the company’s next endeavor, also marking the entry into a whole new segment, the one that reads zero emissions in advance of the semi-truck branding. According to a recent report, we can now share some rumored details – particularly those very important for electric vehicles, as in how much it will go with a single charge of its battery pack.

According to Scott Perry, an executive at Ryder System Inc, a fleet operator from Miami, has found out during a meeting with Tesla executives the proposed range for the Semi is 200 to 300 miles (322 to 483 kilometers), with the Palo Alto-headquartered company taking this numbers into account when a regular payload is included. Electric trucks should bring massive benefits in terms of cost of ownership – electric motors are cheaper to maintain and filling up with electricity is also less costly than diesel, but the upfront cost is expected to be very high, because of the amount of batteries needed to provide good range.

Via Reuters