Report – Tesla shares additional details concerning the Model 3 image

With so many reservations for the Model 3, Tesla felt compelled to let the people in on the latest news about the hotly anticipated electric sedan.

In a recent message delivered to customers the Palo Alto-based electric carmaker said the delivery process schedule hasn’t changed, meaning the company is sticking to its initial envisioned release date set before the end of next year. The company has also announced it will grant access to the Model 3 configurator in the future based on the person’s own order date. The $35, 000 sedan is scheduled to begin the deliveries late 2017 and future owners are still waiting to hear if the state rebates will be considered for this one as well – the incentives applied only until a certain sales threshold is achieved. And with the latest account about the state of pre-orders claiming there were 373,000 reservations, Tesla is going to have a hard time convincing the states to stick to incentives.

Anyways, the entry-level sedan is going to be good for a driving range of at least 215 miles, though it’s not immediately clear if this will be the base or the range-topping battery option. The performance level is going to be great, considering that even the entry-level version will go to 60 mph in less than six seconds. Additionally, the Ludicrous mode has been hinted by Elon Musk himself as making an appearance – but we’re mostly hoping the Autopilot to make it on the Model 3 more than anything else.

Via Tesla Updates