Report – Tesla to improve Autopilot to version 2.0 with better autonomous driving image

While over the air software updates – just like in a regular smartphone – will keep adding new functionalities and improvements to the current Tesla Autopilot system, there’s also a new generation looming.

We all know that Tesla’s Autopilot system made the headlines – not just because of its advantages, but also due to the negative backlash originating from the first death in crash while using it in America. According to the latest report coming from the mill, sources within the company are now claiming the new generation Tesla Autopilot system will become a true fully autonomous aid, as opposed to the current semi-autonomous duties. Apparently the main idea behind the next iteration is a system packing even more sensors – the upcoming next generation implementation would come bundled with three forward-facing cameras, additional radar units on the front corners, and software upgrades.

And this could be the real deal, since the web has already caught wind of Tesla’s mules prototyping the improvements. More cameras at the front means each one will have a dedicated, separate function – one could use wide-angle lens to see when there are multiple lanes, one would just look up in front of the car, with the final one used as a backup when needed. For now, the software over-the-air updates seem just as important, with the upcoming version 8.0 update expected to ship with “significant improvements” on the current models, as it would even allow autonomous exit off highways.

Via Electrek