The latest update for the Autopilot semi-autonomous system will include the possibility to steer on and off highway interchanges but the reports say the company isn’t going to stop there.

It appears that alongside the Tesla Model S P100D – which could become the world’s fastest mass produced sedan – the California-based company is also going to present the 8.0 software update which could add even more capabilities to its semi-autonomous system. According to the latest rumor off the mill, with sources cited, the update also has to do with the Autopilot system which should become smart enough to handle interstate interchanges without driver assistance – with the newest over-the-air update going out to Model S and Model X customers very soon.

According to the insiders, the Autopilot upgrade to the 8.0 software suite will allow the driver to just flip the turn signal when merging to a freeway – and when approaching an exit all systems would work in conjunction. The system will download more precise maps, the front camera and radar would be on point to detect any safety hazards and the Autosteer function would keep the car on the right road. Aside from the Autopilot update the version 8.0 will also bring improvements to the infotainment system’s voice recognition and navigation. In the future the Autopilot 2.0 will feature new hardware as well as software, including a total of three front cameras and more radars to see the corners better.

Via Electrek


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