Report – Tesla to wrap up development phase for Model 3 this June image

While the first quarter earnings call for the year has pretty much spooked a lot of its investors last week, Tesla is reportedly confident it will be able to accelerate its production plans.

The issues with the Tesla Model S and now the Model X have been publicized – specialists even call upon Tesla to start bringing in more people with experience from within automotive ranks – and there are even reports that Elon Musk has been racking up sleep hours on the floors of the Freemont, California plant. That’s because the CEO wants to make sure the quality issues are being ironed out before the launch of the Model 3 affordable electric sedan. The company needs this to be sorted out – as they need to fulfill a lot more expectations from now on. That’s because there’s a rapid surge in demand for the Model 3 and even the S and X have been selling better these days.

The prototype showed on the last day of March showed production wasn’t quite ready yet – we can recall the interior debate especially. Musk himself remained mysterious saying “it will all make sense after the second presentation.” The reports are now going in two different directions: either it will have autonomous features and won’t need a regular instrument cluster or there’s a new type of digital dashboard with more than one head-up display. Musk meanwhile cleared the date for engineering completion of the Model 3: “from an engineering standpoint, we are already almost complete with the design of Model 3. And so we’re sort of completing the final release for tooling no later than the end of June.” 

Via Teslarati