Report – Tesla upgrades the Roadster to version 3.0, packs 340-mile range image

The company has been promising this just about the same time Musk presented its “world-conquering” secret out in the open masterplan.

Now the company has decided to start treating its customers still owning the Roadster to the update, which is done by hand and thus can only be completed in a cadence of five vehicles per week. Tesla’s 3.0 battery update for the Roadster will see them wearing the R80 badge to indicate their close to 80-kilowatt-hour packs, according to a report. The high capacity battery allows the electric convertibles hook a range of up to 340 miles (547 kilometers) on a single charge – with the predecessor doing about 245 miles (394 km).

It appears owners are in for a rather hefty premium for the modifications though. There’s a $5,000 deposit needed just to reserve the update, with the total costs running up to $29,000 for the entire package. Tesla of course says there’s little to no profit derived here. The work includes the recondition of the old batteries and the power electronics module. Since the Roadster is quite old on its own and the model was manufactured in low volumes, the work needs to be done by hand. The update will also include a new aerodynamic bodykit (not pictured). We also remind you the company is intending to deliver a second generation Roadster with the platform most likely taken from the Model 3 and carrying all the necessary upgrades – maybe thus is twill live up to the initial expectations for the upgrade that included a 400-mile range.

Via Electrek