Report – Tesla’s expansion strategy to be led by Model Y image

The California-based automaker which is actually now a mobility and energy provider, thus fittingly renamed Tesla Inc from Tesla Motors, is set to enter an ambitious model range expansion phase.

The company wants to introduce numerous models in the coming years. We already know this year is the year of the “3” – namely Model 3. The compact sedan has received hundreds of thousands of reservations and is eagerly expected to arrive in production form later this year. But Tesla is also on the verge of introducing a compact crossover based on the same platform – the rumored Model Y – which should be equally more affordable than the Model X, as is the 3 when compared to the S. The Model 3 is the main priority for the company at the moment – even though we can expect the Y to actually become the company’s best-seller considering the appetite for crossovers seen around the world and in America in particular.

As such, it’s highly unlikely Tesla will showcase the Y this year, instead presenting it sometime in 2018 with production slated to kick off very late that same year. Afterwards, the company will need to push the limits of the capabilities of Tesla’s suppliers and those of its own plant in Freemont, California, as both the Model 3 and Y will be huge volume providers. Future plans for Tesla then consist of a new pickup model – set to battle the likes of the Ford F-150 – as well as the development of a semi-trailer for full-size commercial duties.

Via Autocar