Report – Tesla’s long range Model 3 is actually longer range image

Tesla has officially started producing and selling the first-ever Model 3 electric affordable sedan with official 220-mile and 310-mile range calculations for the base and Long Range versions, respectively.

The fans are of course still wondering what are the actual capacities of the two Model 3 versions, because the automaker has held back info about battery size and efficiency. The geeky ones do need to know everything – so for them we have a report about an EPA certification document, which delivered the answers to these ardent questions: 55 kWh and approximately 80 kWh battery sizes, with 126 MPGe efficiency. But there’s another one even more interesting – taking a closer look at the document is revealing some intriguing figures – the Long Range Tesla Model 3 is apparently packing an EPA-estimated combined 334 miles of range. Which is way more than the 310 miles advertised on the window sticker.

It’s also not the first time Tesla does this – the Model S 100D EPA rating was of 341 miles but Tesla under-reported it at 335 miles to keep it closer to the P 100D rating. This gross under-report would have to do this time with the cheaper Model 3 trampling onto Model S territory, so perhaps Tesla doesn’t want any cannibalization across the range. And this also opens up for debate the rating for the base Model S, because if it’s slightly higher it will allow it to go head to head with the Chevrolet Bolt, for example.

Via Teslarati