Back on October 1, Tesla’s chief executive officer Elon Musk posted a mysterious Tweet saying the company would “unveil the D and something else” on October 9.

Naturally, the automotive world has been taken by storm after the news and now a source has talked to Bloomberg and pointed the search towards self-driving technology. According to the person, which has knowledge of Tesla’s plans – but wants his identity to remain a secret as the announcement is not yet public – the electric automaker would join the race of automated driving. Tesla would fall in line with luxury producers and offer high-tech features that should reduce strain in traffic congestions, including one system to keep the car inside its lane.

Premium rivals such as BMW, Mercedes or Audi, but also mass-market automakers like Honda are increasingly introducing such electronic assist features, and Tesla has been installing safety technology to conform to new European regulations.

“We started installing camera hardware from September in support of European” laws, said Simon Sproule, a company spokesman. “More news to come.”

The automakers race to introduce more safety-assistance features, seen as key steps toward the final goal of delivering cars that can drive themselves. Cars are now equipped with a wide array of sensors ad cameras, allowing the artificial “intelligence” inside the computer chips to assist drivers with a wide range of tasks: automated parking, blind-spot assistance, stop-and go automated cruise control or emergency braking.

Via Bloomberg


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