Report – The Alfa Romeo 4C could be sold in U.S. only in Maserati showrooms image

Alfa Romeo’s CEO Harald Wester revealed that the brand’s 4C sport coupe is heading to Maserati showrooms next year – then what about the other models of the brand?

Many struggling Fiat dealerships are awaiting the 4C and other Alfa Romeos. But while Wester’s revelation may be a blow to Fiat dealers, it raises more questions such as: Will the 4C also be sold at Fiat dealerships? And where will high-volume Alfa Romeos planned for the United States be sold – at Fiat dealerships, Maserati stores or both?

“Most likely, the Alfa 4C will be sold in the U.S. through the Maserati network,” Wester, who also is Maserati’s CEO, told Automotive News.

Fiat executives have said they will sell the Alfa Romeo Giulia mid-sized sedan, Giulietta compact and other Alfa Romeos in the United States in the coming years. Also, Fiat dealers never received a letter of intent or an outright promise for a future Alfa Romeo franchise, but Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne did acknowledge the expectation. He said Alfa Romeo needed Chrysler’s help if it was to successfully return to the United States, which it left in 1995.

Wester, whom also is Fiat-Chrysler’s chief technical officer, declined to say when the 4C would debut in the United States, confirming only that the car will go on sale before the end of the second quarter of 2014 – fueling the speculations on the ever more late arrival of the brand in the U.S.

Via Automotive News