The British automaker and its Austrian partner won’t have a hard time selling the planned $3.66 million they’ll actually have difficulties establishing who gets the planned production units.

According to the latest rumor on the subject, the hypercar’s demand is already more than double than the planned production run. The car, dubbed “Project AM-RB 001” was announced mere months ago and the companies said it will go for spectacularly more than one million dollars. Well, it turns out the cool asking price will allegedly be as high as $3.66 million. While this price tag might sound extravagant, it appears more than 200 potential buyers have expressed a desire to own the first joint project car developed between Aston Martin and Red Bull. But the planned production run only spans exactly 100 units. It appears the demand skyrocketed during the past weekend – the model was present in Monaco in a secret location where only affluent clientele had access.

We’re doubting the two companies actually showed the finished car as the report also states we shouldn’t expect the product to come out before 2018. Aston Martin is looking to make things simple and will allow first dibs to clients who already own the One-77 or the Vulcan. This means all AM-RB 001 units might be already sold out, since there were 77 clients for the One-77 and another 24 for the Vulcan.

Via International Business Times


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