Report – The rumored BMW i5 could actually be a crossover image

The latest report doing the rounds when it comes to the tipped BMW i5 eco model has the next offering from the conscious subbrand actually being a crossover rather than a traditional body style.

Previous rumors were pointing to the i5 being either a sedan or an elongated version of the city-dwelling i3 hatchback – but the latest claim coming from Auto Express paints an entirely different picture, saying insiders have pointed towards a crossover being envisioned as an executive favorite. We recommend taking all these rumors with a pinch of salt, but this latest idea could easily pan out due to numerous motifs – first and foremost US all-electric automaker Tesla Motors has just launched its Model X crossover and Audi is looking into delivering the Q6 E-Tron as a direct competitor. Then the world has simply gone crazy for SUVs and crossovers.

Details are understandably scarce but we could envision the i5 making use of the billions of dollars worth of research poured into the company’s lightweight carbon fiber technology as well as using an all-electric setup with a battery pack capable of delivering at least 200 miles of range (321 km). Naturally the premium crossover would also come with BMW’s latest advancements in terms of autonomous driving tech and connectivity options – though a release timing has not yet perspired. But we could safely assume it’s at least a year from now, as reports have also tipped the new release timed to arrive alongside the new batch of German subsidies for electric autos.

Via Auto Express