Report – Toyota mulling the ultimate VIP retreat image

After the Japanese company decided to change American headquarters, it was left with a huge campus in Torrance, California – and news about its new destination are now boiling.

The reports seem to agree – Toyota is selling the former headquarters for the pricey sum of more than $150 million. But according to the latest rumor, part of the former campus’ sale money could be retained by the former worldwide number one as the manufacturer will use it to conceive a new retreat for its local and international top executives. It would appear somewhere in North Texas, with the multimillion-project to deliver some biggish buildings, a private car museum, Japanese gardens, fishing ponds, horse stables, guest houses, and barns. And because we’re discussing a retreat for an automotive company, it will naturally have a private race track for Toyota’s top brass and the VIP international guests.

The reports are putting its value at more than $11 million, but the ranch retreat will not be accessible for the regular folk, even though it could cover more than 75 acres. There’s no word on when the retreat will be finished, but it could take some time – the former headquarters isn’t even up for grabs officially. In addition, Toyota thinks its execs need some privacy, so even if the rumor pans out expect the retreat to remain a corporate “secret”.

Via Dallas News