Report – Toyota Supra coming with super power image

According to mysterious sources – the kind that doesn’t mention their names because they would lose their jobs – have revealed new, spicy details about the upcoming return of Toyota into Supra form.

Apparently, the sports car – developed in cooperation with BMW through a technical partnership that sees the Supra and next generation Z4 share the same architecture – will be well worthy of the Supra name thanks to motivation provided by a turbo V6 with more than 400 hp. Longtime fans of the model will also be satisfied to hear the same source indicates the model will come out of hiding in early 2019 and sport a purist’s delight – manual transmission. The hotly anticipated Supra isn’t going to use a BMW inline-six, and instead premiere a new engine developed jointly by the manufacturers. The new turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with “north of 400 hp” is apparently using a manual gearbox – but other reports pointed towards an exclusive automatic option.

While the model is expected to hit the streets early 2019, we could be seeing it as soon as late October this year during the Tokyo Motor Show – though we’re probably looking at a concept model in the same vein as BMW presented the Z4 Concept just a few days ago. The source also talked about other models – the FT-4X concept might not have received the approval as a successor to the beloved FJ Cruiser because it seems the company has no plans to actively replace it anytime soon.