Report – Toyota to launch hydrogen car in 2014 image

After unveiling the prototype of its future Camry-sized fuel cell hydrogen car last autumn in Tokyo, Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – unveiled a schedule for a 2015 commercial availability.

Now, a fresh report coming from Japan says the automaker – which actually hinted itself to the fact with a “2015 or sooner” planned release – would launch the series production model this year.

Just as Europe, the US and other regions are toughening their demands for the emissions standards, automakers are flocking either the battery-electric or hybrid way to improve upon their line-up average emissions. On the other hand, a small batch of automakers, like Honda, GM or Hyundai have gone the fuel-cell hydrogen way – with Toyota also leveraging now the technology as opposed to relying on battery electric cars.

The English-language publication Japan Times has reported that Toyota’s FCV hydrogen car (it is yet unnamed commercially) would carry a pretty hefty price tag of 8 million yen – which at current rates would go at $78,000, although the automaker intends t reduce it in the next years to somewhere between 3 and 5 million yen ($30,000 to 50,000). The model could be built in one of the carmaker’s big facilities, in Motomachi, in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.