Report – Toyota wants an autonomous fleet for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics image

The 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo are shaping up as the big venue for the Japanese automakers – Toyota heading up the roster with its emerging technologies.

Previously the company has had the calendar filled with fuel cell talk – and new models should roam the streets of Tokyo delivering athletes in green energy mode. The rumors about the hydrogen-based models, one was even mandated from luxury division Lexus, have since toned down, just as the company itself has started exploring other green possibilities – chiefly battery-based EVs. But here’s another technology display that will seemingly attract attention – Toyota is reportedly planning a demonstration of its next-generation self-driving technologies for the global event.

According to a report, managers of the company consider the Odaiba waterfront area of the city, where most Olympic activities take place, as a perfect demonstration place for autonomous vehicles, as the zone includes wide and straight streets and usually has very light traffic. “We want to show a high-spec technology as a showcase,” explains Ken Koibuchi, Toyota’s executive general manager in charge of autonomous tech. The hurdles are something to consider though – from technological issues to societal ones, such as having adequate digital maps of countries, and specifically, cities.

Via Automotive News