Report – Toyota’s FCV to be named Mirai image

According to a source that has knowledge of the company plans, the $69,000 fuel-cell vehicle that Toyota will sell from 2015 could be named Mirai – which means future in Japanese.

Danny Chen, a company spokesman, declined to comment on the speculation – although it’s supported by the company’s decision to trademark the word in the US. The source asked to remain anonymous as he was unable to officially discuss the naming – which will be revealed closer to the actual release of the car.

The home introduction of the model should come before April, followed soon by the US and Europe. The company plans to market the base vehicle starting with a price of around 7 million yen ($69,000) – but the Japanese lawmakers are already pledging incentives that could shave as much as 3 million yen off the sticker price. That would bring the fuel cell powered car’s price in line with traditional offerings in the premium mid-size class, such as the BMW 3 Series.

Unlike Tesla Motors or Nissan, Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – and the dominant player in the hybrid segment, looks ready to embrace fuel cell cars as the future of automotive evolution. The other technology touted by major carmakers is based on the usage of battery cell packs as the means to deliver electrical power.

Via Bloomberg