Report – Trump administration EPA chief to review CAFÉ standards image

The new EPA leader – selected by the incoming Trump administration – has allegedly hinted at a possible attack against the 2025 CAFÉ standards that call for a fleet-wide 54.5 MPG average.

The Obama administration and the incoming Trump version is already at odds in numerous domains – and when it comes to the automotive industry there’s a love/hate relationship already building with the incoming President. On one side Trump is calling them out loud to invest more into the country – threatening with import tariffs – and on the other hand the automakers are trying to convince the new administration to lower the upcoming 2025 fuel economy standards.

Trump’s selection to head the EPA – Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt – has now hinted he will scrutinize the MPG rules that the EPA recently finalized. These were agreed but not set in stone back in 2012 and late last year the EPA hinted it would strive to end early a “mid-term review” process to analyze them – which has been done recently. “It merits review and I would review that,” commented Pruitt at his confirmation hearing. The EPA meanwhile said they decided to lock in the 54.5 MPG rules as “automakers are well positioned to meet the standards at lower costs than previously estimated. The [EPA] Administrator is choosing to retain the current standards to provide regulatory certainty for the auto industry despite a technical record that suggests the standards could be made more stringent.”

Via Reuters