Report – Trump administration to review federal mpg rules image

There’s huge news looming over the CAFE standards, as reports are indicating that Trump will announce this week – on Wednesday to be exact – a review of the federal mpg rules.

The bar was set for a fleet average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 (with caveats), and specialists were optimistic about the chances of the auto industry of reaching them. But the auto industry thinks otherwise – and immediately after November’s Presidential election, saw the opportunity to come back at the bargaining table and try to the promises it agreed upon with the previous administration. Their lobbyists started asking the President-elect Trump to lower the federal fuel economy rules, Ford even going as far as stating that they have to choose between greener cars and jobs.

According to Bloomberg sources, Trump is set to get together with the auto execs on Wednesday and is likely to announce a rework of the EPA’s fuel economy standards. The original deal was signed back in 2011 and the EPA quickly finalized the 2022-2025 part of the agreement in January – exactly due to fears of Trump’s administration possible interference. We all know that auto industry has had a history of fighting ideas that benefit people and not profits – such as airbags and seat belts. The Auto Alliance, which represents many of the global automakers reads on its website: “Today’s vehicles are more energy-efficient thanks to advancements by automakers and consumers enjoy much choice when shopping for energy-efficient autos.” But on the other hand, the Alliance’s letter to Trump’s new EPA reads “The Alliance requests that EPA withdraw the Final Determination and resume the Midterm Evaluation, in accordance with its original timetable, to remedy the severe procedural and substantive defects that have infected the process to date.”

Via Bloomberg