Report – Trump ruling on EPA fuel economy mandate gets 2018 final decision image

The president has promised that Detroit will allegedly become the “car capital of the world” and also hinted there’s a major auto novelty to be announced next week.

The top “executive” of America made the announcements while on a visit at the former Willow Run assembly plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan in front of auto workers, Michigan officials, and a bevy of auto industry executives and CEOs. In campaign mode, the president vowed to make Detroit the car capital of the world – and also welcomed foreign manufacturers – of which several were present to enhance their US presence. Tucked away in the speech was also a reference to the fact the current administration will postpone a final ruling on the upcoming mileage standards until 2018.

This should allow both automakers and other interested parties to present their cases against or in support of the 54.5-mpg standard that should become law in 2025. Trump’s announcement doesn’t guarantee the rollback of the Obama standards but opens the door for the request for review from carmakers. “Today I am announcing that we are going to cancel that executive action,” said Trump. “We are going to restore the originally scheduled mid-term review, and we are going to ensure any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs, your factories; we’re going to be fair.” The president also teased a major announcement for the auto industry coming next week.

Via Automotive News, The Detroit News