Report – U.S. Senator warns VW about UAW’s implication in Tennessee image

Republican Senator Bob Corker warned that allowing the United Auto Workers to represent workers at its Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant would be one of Volkswagen’s “biggest mistakes”.

German business newspaper Handelsblatt has reported that Corker as publicly saying that although VW is usually working successfully with many unions across the automotive industry, the UAW would be a wrong choice for a US partner.

“I think they are being very naïve to think that they can bring the German model, embrace the UAW and think it’s going to be productive,” Corker told the paper.

The senator has many times spoken out against any UAW influence over car manufacturing facilities in the US South (which is historically agains unionized plants) because he considers the union is partly to blame for the demise of the Detroit area as the heart of U.S. auto production.

As we previously reported, the UAW would enjoy if Volkswagen would move to voluntarily recognize the US union as the best choice to ensure representation for the German automaker’s workers at its Tennessee facility. Volkswagen’s labor leaders and workers at the Tennessee factory are set to discuss this month the possibility of the UAW union representing them.

Via Reuters

  • phil

    Yet another republican against unions…..they want to privatize everything, so we can all work for walmart pay

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