Report – UAW’s most likely new President is Dennis Williams image

Bob King will remain UAW’s president just for another nine months, so the leadership change is already under way, with his most likely successor being Dennis Williams.

Williams, 60, was appointed as the UAW’s secretary-treasurer in 2010 and  was before that for 10 years a regional director based out of the Chicago area. Jimmy Settles, vice president of the union’s Ford department, was rumored as a potential candidate, but he is not a contender today

“I am not a candidate,” Settles told media last week. “At one time I was interested. I am not now.”

“I think (Williams) is a very capable leader. He is somebody who has a larger vision. And he is somebody who knows how to realize that vision,” said Harley Shaiken, professor of labor studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sources from within the UAW said Williams is almost unanimously considered the top candidate to become the union’s next president thanks to his great work as a regional director, the respect he has earned over recent years and his connections to the administration of President Barack Obama. In addition, Williams was among the top officials that took part in the UAW’s organizing efforts with Asian and German automakers.

Via The Detroit Free Press