Report – Uber autonomous car wrecked, program stopped image

A second-generation Volvo XC90 used by Uber to further test and develop its autonomous driving technologies was recently involved in a car crash in Tempe, Arizona, with Police saying it wasn’t the one responsible for the accident.

Tempe police information officer Josie Montenegro has discussed with the media and added a test driver was behind the wheel of the Volvo, and an Uber spokesperson said the machine had engaged the self-driving mode at the time of the crash. While you can see the autonomous XC90 has spectacularly landed on its side, fortunately no one was injured – and according to initial preliminary information the accident occurred when another car failed to give way to the Volvo.

Uber’s autonomous vehicle fleet had been travelling more than 20,000 autonomous miles each week in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and California, but it appears that pending further investigation the autonomous testing program has been temporarily suspended. This is not the first time autonomous cars have been involved in crashes – Google even regularly issued reports about incidents involving its driverless fleet – and as far as we know not even once the autonomous cars were at fault.

Via Bloomberg, Automotive News