Report – Uber’s CEO takes some time off amidst investigation image

The problems just don’t stop for Uber – after a seven-month investigation into the way the company operates by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, its CEO, Travis Kalanick will allegedly take a leave of absence.

Apparently, Kalanick issued an internal email to employees stating he will be taking some time off to reflect on his values and a “world class leadership team.” According to the report, there was no specified period of time for the leave and immediately after the email was sent Uber also introduced a 13-page recommendation that would impact company procedures. There were 47 “advices” – among them the modification of certain cultural values, including limiting the party culture, limiting alcohol at work events and in the office, and issuing an official ban on employee-manager relationships.

The company also changed the name of its “War Room” to the “Peace Room,” but most importantly it will seek to gain a new COO and limit Kalanick’s influence with the company. A separate investigation into company procedures led to the dismissal of more than 20 employees – there were no less than 215 claims of sexual harassment and other “bad behaviors”. This investigation follows the major setback with the Waymo lawsuit, where the Google company claimed a Uber employee and former engineer at Google stole crucial autonomous development files.

Via The New York Times