While the V60 Cross Country station wagon managed to outsell the sedan almost 14 to one, and the S60 version only clocked 34 deliveries, the company decided to pull the plug on the model.

The Swedish automaker is riding a successful wave these months, with a very successful second generation XC90 crossover, a completely new S90/ V90 flagship sedan pair and facelifted 40 series. But not everything is going uphill for the automaker, owned by China’s Geely, because in the UK they had to backtrack from a model. The brand had high hopes for the S60 Cross Country when it was first announced during the North American International Auto Show in 2015 but it seems the customers won’t be fooled by the “wolf in sheep’s clothes” – meaning they’ll go for real crossovers instead of a crossover-inspired sedan. Customer reaction appears to have been mixed especially in the United Kingdom.

As per the English press, the model will be dropped from the local range after selling only 34 units in the span of a year – though as usual the company dismisses the loss as a win telling us it was never intended for UK buyers and these were all the units it “had access to.” The S60 Cross Country will live on across other markets and the more appealing V60 Cross Country will soldier on in the UK – after selling close to 500 units. By the way, the S60 Cross Country is an off-road inspired sedan with plastic body cladding, work-prone tires and some 2.5 inches of added ground clearance. Depending on the market it can be had with the T5 and D4 engines and an optional all-wheel-drive system.

Via Autocar


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