Report – Upcoming Ferraris to use modular platform image

The storied Italian sports car ultra-luxury manufacturer is having the time of its life: Sergio Marchionne has recently become chairman and parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is allowing it to become independent.

But the listing of the iconic brand on the New York Stock Exchange is not the only transition to come – according to a recent report from various publications the automaker is ready to dramatically shift the production of its exclusive cars. For the past six decades Ferrari has delivered sports cars that acted as their segment’s benchmarks thanks to the continuous pursuit for higher performance and enhanced innovation as well as the close relationship to the racing team. The models also had rather bespoke platforms and engines, allowing for the much needed personality.

But a report from Automobile and Motorauthority has the future lineup of road cars – except those specials such as the LaFerrari – soon use a modular platform. Keeping in line with the company’s high level of technical prowess, the upcoming platform would also be flexible enough to allow engines to be mounted either in front or behind the cabin. It would also employ a lightweight aluminum spaceframe design with powertrain, suspension and electronic modules easily swappable – much akin to the current approach adopted by global manufacturers to reduce cost and increase flexibility. The first use of the new platform should also come relatively quickly, for the 2017 replacement of the California, followed by the modern-day reenactment of the Dino.

Via Automobile and Motorauthority