Report – Upcoming new generation Jeep Wrangler to remain fully off-road capable image

While Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is busy overlooking a proposal from Toledo authorities to gain new incentives if they remain committed to the historic production site of the model, the Wrangler itself comes more into the spotlights.

It appears that sources told Automotive News that the next Wrangler will remain the capable offroader – keeping the floating solid axles that are among the crucial components that allow the model to go almost anywhere on nearly any terrain type. Coming in 2017, the future Wrangler will naturally come with numerous enhancements as far as the suspension system is concerned – improving ride handling and fuel economy. All that should come though – according to the persons that remained anonymous – with the model still having the basic design that successfully allows the axles to keep the traction going for all four wheels. If the report pans out in the end a huge number of Jeep fans might be relieved – numerous loyalists had fears that the iconic body-on-frame SUV would make the “sacrilege” of coming with an independent front and/or rear suspension.

If the news is true – something that FCA has not confirmed yet – we might have more hints on the final design of the model as well. The next generation Wrangler, the last of the six vehicles in the Jeep lineup to use solid axles instead of independent suspension, needs to shed excess weight and focus on improved aerodynamics to reach its goal of better fuel economy. That means the SUV will adopt a Ford F-150 style aluminum body and be smaller then the outgoing model and the new, now fixed windscreen will be raked to improve airflow. Documents already filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission also show it will use the new eight-speed automatic transmission.

Via Automotive News