North American fans of the Swedish brand may rejoice, as the brand has announced its upcoming next generation of the 40 series – the S40, V40 and XC40 – will be reaching the United States.

According to Volvo chief executive officer Hakan Samuelsson, who has been quoted during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, the company has decided to also introduce the 40 series family in the United States. This range will be consisting off the regular V40 hatchback and S40 sedan, while an all new compact crossover expected to be labeled XC40 will also join the roster for the first time. Volvo’s R&D senior vice president Peter Mertens has even said the brand regrets not taking the current 40 series across the Ocean, though the decision was taken at a time of serious financial troubles. The news is welcomed by the brand’s fans but we have to remember the facelifted V40 was revealed just last week during the Geneva Motor Show, meaning an all-new generation is still a few years away from now.

When it comes to the market though the new 40 series models will make use of the equally new Volvo Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that will be inspired and using components from the bigger SPA platform that so far has been used to underpin the second generation XC90 crossover but also the new S90 sedan and V90 estate. The first CMA-based model is expected at the earliest next year and the top powertrain offering will most likely be a T5 Twin Engine hybrid version following the lines of the larger T8 Twin Engine setup.



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