Report – US regulator and Takata unable to give exact number of autos with defective airbags image

According to a report coming from Reuters, citing sources from within the ranks of the Japanese auto safety supplier and the US auto safety regulator, some of the replacement inflators made by Takata need to be changed again after being deemed unsafe.

There have been around four million replacement inflators for the faulty Takata airbags produced so far, but more than 400,000 vehicles in the US already equipped with the new ones will need to undergo the replacement procedure again. Some half a million are believed to be safe, according to US auto safety watchdog, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But the tally actually leaves hanging in the air the safety of at least three million replacement parts. The replacement parts pertain to the mid-May Takata Corp. nationwide recall announcement, in which almost 34 million vehicles need to be called into service because they have faulty airbags that can explode with too much force and send metal shards and shrapnel inside the cabin at high velocity. The biggest single-product recall in US history has been associated around the world (at a global total of 53 million autos) to at least six deaths and more than one hundred injuries.

The NHTSA initially believed that around 17 million vehicles need to be called back through a safety campaign and now it’s unclear how many of the autos actually have been manufactured with the defective inflators. So far, an unspecified tally of cars and trucks has Takata-produced airbags on both driver and passenger sides, with some cases rendering them both defective. In other instances, even the vehicles already repaired may actually be equipped with faulty parts.

Via Reuters