Report – Volkswagen adjusts carbon dioxide emission ratings image

While the automaker strongly emphasizes these are voluntary updates that better reflect real-world driving, we can bet these updates were triggered by the Dieselgate scandal.

We can see how the emissions scandal links to the recent update of the carbon dioxide emissions ratings in many of its models – including the top selling Polo, Golf, Passat or Touareg SUV. These come as the company is still suffering the effects of the Dieselgate scandal – which includes compensation and settlements of almost $15 billion in the United States. “In the interests of providing our customers with stated fuel consumption figures that are even closer to real-world driving, Volkswagen has voluntarily made slight adjustments within internal parameters for the NEDC homologation test. As a result of this, minor modifications have been made to the brochure data for some model variants going forwards. These changes have no impact on customers’ actual real-world consumption figures,” commented a representative on the matter.

For example, the VW Golf 1.6 TDI with manual gearbox has been changed from a rating of 99g/km of CO2 to 103g/km. A Polo 1.0 MPI 60’s CO2 emissions are now standing at 108g/km instead of the previous 106g/km. Other VW models with CO2 emissions changes include the Beetle, Jetta, Sharan and Touran. Diesel and gasoline models were affected, but some in a positive way – the CO2 rating dropped for all Tiguan S models and the Touran 2.0 TDI 150 DSG.

Via Autocar