Report – Volkswagen cancels night shifts at Wolfsburg plant image

Volkswagen decided to cut back on the night shifts at Wolfsburg, its largest plant, as to remove the malfunctions that are hindering the output of Golf cars.

Europe’s biggest carmaker is still trying to find the best efficiency level from a new modular manufacturing platform, a step which has already led to major changes to the production line and to the replacement of its production chief. Sources familiar with the company said that the production obstacles at Wolfsburg will cause the annual output will miss its targeted 850,000 cars, but to remain only above the 807,000 produced last year.

Bilanz Magazine reported that VW’s work council had decided to cancel scheduled Sunday shifts during the third quarter of 2014, which were programmed to help the brand make up for its production shortfalls. The council stated that the company will continue to run extra shifts on Saturday and Sunday due to big demand for the Golf model although a few night shifts on Sunday have been cancelled too.

Volkswagen said it had agreed with labor representatives to not go ahead with six Sunday overnight shifts out of 19 extra shifts that had been planned for the third quarter of the year. Wolfsburg, the biggest car plant in the world, is VW’s global headquarters and a union fortress, with 97% of its workforce organized labor.

By Gabriela Florea