Report – Volkswagen ID production model to feature new head-up display technology image

According to the latest rumor off the mill, once the Volkswagen ID series production electric vehicle hits the market, it will carry a “revolutionary” vehicle instrumentation system with an ‘augmented head-up display’.

This comes from the latest hint allowed to pass to the press by VW brand design boss Klaus Bischoff – he described that ID’s electric powertrain allowed them to move the motor to the rear and have the climate system up front, which means the dashboard was pushed forward more than 200 mm. With so much extra space to play with, engineers thought about fitting a new technology called ‘augmented HUD’. The manager explains this will allow for the projection of information and pictograms as if appearing some 15 metres ahead of the driver – with navigation directions such as turn arrows seemingly appearing as if they were painted on the road surface.

Of course, with another four years to work on, the technology will develop to encompass so much more, not just plain old navigation. It will also act as a safety and assistance guide – highlighting dangers, such as pedestrian crossings and stationary obstructions on the road, or slippery surfaces. The information is seemingly based on the connected stance to the HERE mapping cloud. As you may remember, HERE was bought by Audi, BMW and Mercedes from Nokia – and the Here system will use hyper-accurate Lidar-based 3D maps and information gathered from millions of vehicle sensors to offer live information and safety warnings to vehicles on the road.

Via Autocar