Report – Volkswagen Microbus getting the green light in EV form image

The German automaker has a crop of legendary vehicles – the Beetle, the Golf or the Microbus / Type 2 Transporter / Bulli – as it’s called depending on the market where it was sold.

The Transporter series of commercial vehicles has lived on, but they are only spiritual successors to the original – called Type 2 because Type 1 was the Beetle. Yeah, the VW range had two models – both air cooled – back in the day. For years, the first and second generation Transporter models carried lots of people all around the world – but the German brand quickly forgot about its heritage. Since the Beetle was given a rebirth rumors have been swirling around the return of the famed Bulli – fueled by the company developing and showing off numerous prototype vehicles at the auto shows of the world.

The latest is the friendly Budd-e Concept – and it appears the rumor mill has caught wind of the managers’ decision to finally approve a Microbus revival. It will be inspired by this latest concept and will thus come with an all-electric powertrain, which might bode well with the modern hippie. The electric architecture currently being developed by VW will allow the use of various body types – the same platform being used for the latest Paris concept – the ID being the size of a Golf and delivering the interior space of a Passat.

Via Autoevolution