Report – Volkswagen pushing aside diesels in US in bid to become green starting 2020 image

The “clean diesels” of the group are reportedly set to become a thing of the past – with or without Dieselgate scams. That’s because it appears the company wants to fully embrace the electric future.

Volkswagen of America’s CEO Hinrich Woebcken has commented on diesels units taking a sidestep in the US, claiming “the high percentage of diesels that we had before will not come back again.” The TDI turbodiesel engines are still on the menu for the time being – 2017 to 2019 – if they even get approved by the EPA, and the executives even hint the units will be carried by models that are suitable for diesel use. Before VW was uncovered as a massive diesel sham, six of the eight model lines in the US lineup were also offered with a diesel engine and they actually reached in excess of 20 percent of the company’s total deliveries in America.

The diesel units were suspended last September and soon enough the local unit even backtracked on the request to have the EPA approval for the 2016 model year diesel engines. So far the request for 2017 model year diesels is also not yet out, but with the top executive claiming these will exist in the near future it should happen pretty soon. VoA’s chief executive also reminded the company plans a plethora of electric models using the MEB modular battery-electric architecture starting 2020 when the first production version is expected to reach the global markets. According to VW CEO Matthias Müller at least 30 electric models will be pure EVs even before 2025.

Via Automotive News