Report – Volkswagen to pay $5.4 million in relation to Dieselgate in Italy image

As we all know it, the cost of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal is only going to get larger, with the latest fine coming from Italy where the country’s anti-trust regulator has decided to ask for 5 million euro ($5.4 million) as compensation.

According to the authorities, they concluded that Volkswagen has duped consumers by claiming the vehicles were meeting the emissions mandates. As we all know it, in reality the software embedded only allowed the emissions to be met when under testing by the authorities. According to a report from media, the sum is the largest allowed by law to be ordered, but Volkswagen has already decided to appeal the decision. The latest decision coming from Italy is just one in a series of financial burdens imposed by regulators around the world as a consequence of the emissions scandal that started late last year. For example, the South Korean officials have fined the company about 14.3 million euros for the same reason and also ordered the sale stop of around 80 models.

Bavarian authorities have also decided to pursue a legal action against the company for losses to the state’s pension fund. For now, the biggest financial punishment has come from the United States, where a judge has ordered a preliminary approval to a 15 billion dollars settlement, with around $10 billion just for the vehicle buybacks of unsatisfied clients.

Via Automotive News