The Swedish brand, under Chinese parentage now, has clearly set its sights on the future – its renewal of the top line models will continue with the compact and midsize offerings.

The SPA platform has already spawned the second generation XC90 crossover, as well as the new S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country – and now it’s time for the CMA (compact modular architecture) to shine in the near future with the introduction of the 40 and 60 series – of which the new XC40 and new generation XC60 crossovers are of particular interest. But according to a new report Volvo is strategizing even further away into the future, as trademark leaks have revealed the Swedish automaker patented he names P5, P6, P8, P9, and P10. These were filed with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office on December 19, 2016 – so we’re going to have to wait until March to see if the EUIPO approves the usage.

The trademark fillings are very interesting though – they are all owned by the Volvo Car Corporation and their description reads “vehicles and conveyances; electric vehicles.” This could mean Volvo is going to enact another plan – today use the four-cylinder powerplants and plug in hybrid flagships, tomorrow switch to all electric designs. Additionally, Volvo has also filed for applications for the V20 and V30 names – so we might see the maker comeback into the subcompact segment.

Via Swede Speed


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