Report – Volvo could develop China exclusive XC90 version image

According to sources that have knowledge of the matter, Volvo will present for the Chinese market an even more upscale version of the recently revealed XC 90 SUV, featuring extensive room for just four persons.

Autocar has learned from persons (who, as usual, chose to remain anonymous) close to the automaker’s plans that a new version of the XC90 is inbound: a new model with four seats. The setup is not overly curious, but its planned strategy is – the seven seater’s second and third rows will be removed – with engineers instead fitting in the back another pair of XC90 front seats. That ensures the same level of luxury functions, among them a complete range of electric adjustment, extendable parts and even massage functions.

The sources also pointed out the two “new” rear seats would be placed even further towards the back then the standard arrangement for the middle row, ensuring Chinese customers would benefit from “exceptional” rear legroom. The timing of the model’s introduction is not known yet, but with the Chinese market becoming adamant to Volvo’s growth strategy, we expect the reveal to come sooner rather than later.

The new XC90 SUV is a key component in Volvo’s strategy to become a global threat to the rest of the premium brands, with its sales in China – the world’s largest auto market – constantly growing.

Via Autocar