Report – Volvo hopes its XC40 small SUV will become crucial image

According to the latest gossip flying across the rumor mill, Volvo considers the upcoming third member of the XC family a breakthrough car, with the crossover being the first to be unveiled in the new generation 40 series.

Volvo is making bet after bet – they first played with their future when decided to deliver the second generation XC90 on an all-new and costly architecture. And they won, with the crossover being a major success and the S and V90, as well as V90 Cross Country most likely also living up to their reputation. Now the company is on its way towards renewing another successful series – complete with its own platform. So the bet is on from Volvo – the Swedes want the first ever XC40 compact crossover to be a breakthrough vehicle and help them considerably increase SUV deliveries by the turn of the decade.

Peter Mertens, the brand’s research and development chief, said during a recent interview the company thinks it could move almost 100,000 units annually of its smallest crossover, following its market introduction during the first part of 2018. Last year Volvo’s sales totaled 503,127 units worldwide and of those 267,000 units were XC and Cross Country models. Since they are already registering more than half the sales – with just one new product (XC90) – we understand why the new 40 series family will see the light of day with the XC40 first, followed by the hatchback and a station wagon.

Via Autocar